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Wooden dowry box with name printing and flower arrangement

450 SAR 345 SAR

Preferred a brown wooden dowry box for those who are about to get married.

Specifications of the wooden dowry box:-

  • Product type: dowry box.
  • Product material: wood
  • Color: burnt brown
  • Target group: men.

Features and uses of burnt brown wood pony box:

  • The pony box is characterized by being made of the best and finest types of wood materials that give it great durability.
  • It comes in a distinctive burnt brown color that conveys luxury
  • It has a wonderful and very cute design.
  • Comes with a special box to put the amount of money inside it of acrylic.
  • Contains a distinctive group of artificial roses bearing cheerful colors.
  • The incense has a very wonderful unobtrusive smell.
  • It includes a special box for incense made of distinctive glass that does not break easily
  • With a distinctive oud smell very attractive.
  • A special box of the best types of crystal dedicated to the oud.
  • It has a small Mushaf of the Noble Qur’an with a very wonderful design and colors.
  • With the work of a sticker with a distinctive design for the names of the bridal
  • From anywhere in the Kingdom, you can order the wonderful brown pony box and get it as soon as possible in addition to a very special and irresistible price.

common questions :-

  • Is the box sturdy and strong? "Yes, it is strong because it is made of high quality and distinctive"
  • 450 SAR 345 SAR

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