middle wood print

35 SAR

Wooden stand with an attractive and very distinctive design, size 17 x 12 cm, with a logo or phrase print of your choice, get it now

Wood Stand Specifications: -

  • Product type: wooden stand
  • Size: 17 x 12 cm
  • Color: Available in several colors: black - red - white - green - beige - gray.
  • Target group: everyone

Features and uses of a wooden stand with printing of any phrase on demand: -

  • The wood stand from SF Market is distinguished by the different components that it consists of, giving it many impressive advantages
  • It is made of the best quality wood
  • It is possible to write your name on the stand in a distinctive font
  • It is also available to write more than one name as you wish
  • You can choose to write a phrase or slogan of your choice on the stand and it will be executed with high quality
  • You can order printing with the same image or a different image
  • The stand comes with an attractive and very elegant design
  • It is characterized by durability, which makes it difficult to break or damage in general
  • The stand is executed with all the details in a period ranging from one to two days
  • The stand comes in a very suitable size 17 x 12 cm
  • You can get it now from SF Market at an irresistible great price and it reaches you quickly wherever you are

common questions :-

  • Can I choose to write any phrase of my choice on the stand? Yes, you can choose the phrase you want.
  • Is the stand made of wood or acrylic? Made of high quality wood

  • 35 SAR

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