Shipping and delivery

The website depends on working with a distinguished group of shipping companies that work to deliver the product in a sound body and with the same specifications as it was presented. We provided it to him, after which the customer is informed of the delivery date and method of shipment.

An email must be left in order to be able to communicate with the customer when anything new happens.

On the day of delivery, the shipping representative will follow up with the customer via mobile.

The customer must respond and follow up so that the representative can reach him in a shorter time.

If the delivery is not done on time, the representative returns to the site administration, which will communicate with the customer to re-ship again or the request is missed.

But if the delivery is done, this requires showing the identity card and signing at the recipient's place.

If the customer does not contact the representative when contacting him, the customer will incur the cost of transportation and reshipment again.

It is necessary to communicate effectively with the representative in order to be received on time, but in case the stock runs out, the site responsible for re-shipping again and free of charge.

Shipping is through the contracting shipping companies, and each company has a delivery policy, and the duration varies from 2-7 working days.

Any problem related to shipping that the store does not have to deal with, the shipping company is dealt with and informed of its responsibility for the delay.