natural rose bouquet

200 SAR

A bouquet of natural roses with a very distinctive smell in three cheerful colors red, white and pink. It has many uses and is suitable for all different purposes. It is also suitable for all different occasions such as engagement parties, weddings, birthdays and many other occasions. You can now get it at a very special price.

Specifications of a natural rose bouquet:-

  • Product type: rose bouquet.
  • Rose quality: natural.
  • Color: red, white and pink.
  • Target group: Everyone.

Features and uses of a natural rose bouquet:

  • The rose bouquet is characterized by containing a group of the best natural roses.
  • It has bright colors that bring joy to everyone.
  • Comes in distinctive white, red and pink.
  • Very practical and suitable to be presented for all ages and occasions, you can present it on a pleasant occasion, in your engagement field, or to anyone you love.
  • It has a wonderful scent that everyone loves.
  • It has attractive black packaging with high quality and very distinctive.
  • The packaging of the roses is very tight.
  • You can order a bouquet of roses now from wherever you are and it will reach you as soon as possible.
  • Get it now at a great price

common questions :-

  • Are the roses in the bouquet of the natural type? “Yes, it is natural, of the finest kind.”
  • Does it have a distinctive and attractive smell? "Yeah, it's pretty cool."
  • 200 SAR

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