Iron stand 140 cm with flowers and name

with name for free

240 SAR

Iron stand 140 cm.

The roses are customized as the picture, or the color can be changed upon request.

Customize the name, size 30 cm, free of charge, with the stand.

Is it possible to have more than one name? Yes, it can and it will be the same size 30 cm.

Detailed within 2-3 days.

Write in the notes the color of the rose and the name of the request and it will be executed.

  • 240 SAR
فاطمه القحطانى 4 months ago
ابي اطلب استاند ولايوجد به خانه ملاحظات
SF Market 4 months ago
شكرا للملاحظة تم التعديل
فاطمه القحطانى 4 months ago
وين اكتب تلملاحظات
SF Market 4 months ago
تم اضافة خانة الملاحظات

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