natural rose bouquet

250 SAR

Get now a bouquet of the best types of natural roses with delightful colors and distinctive smell, which you can present on all kinds of important occasions at a price that will not be repeated

Specifications of a natural rose bouquet:-

  • Product type: rose bouquet.
  • Rose quality: natural.
  • Colour: red and pink.
  • Target group: Everyone.

Features and uses of a natural rose bouquet:-

  • The rose bouquet is distinguished by the fact that it contains a handful of bright natural roses, not artificial.
  • The bouquet comes with a red and pink color board that matches perfectly with all happy occasions
  • Roses are of the best kind, bright and very cheerful.
  • You can present it at your wedding to the bride.
  • You can also present it to a patient during his visit at home or hospital.
  • You can present it to someone dear to you or to your friend on any occasion because roses are suitable for all groups and different ages.
  • Roses have a very attractive and unobtrusive scent that radiates a fragrance that makes you feel the beauty of nature
  • The bouquet of roses is wrapped in a very elegant and special packaging
  • The bouquet of roses is now available at a special price that is undisputed and suitable for everyone.
  • Order a bouquet of roses now and get it in a very short time.

common questions :-

  • Are the roses in the bouquet natural? “Yes, it is natural and one of the best types.”
  • Does rose have a distinctive smell? "Yes, very special."
  • 250 SAR

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