Dupont Essence perfume 100ml

340 SAR 135 SAR

Distinguish now with Dupont men's perfume, which is specially designed for all those looking for elegance and luxury. It gives you vitality and activity throughout the day. It comes with a perfect focus that makes it spread with a fragrance that grabs everyone as soon as it appears. Its rich scent remains on hands and clothes even after washing.

Description of Dupont Essence Pure perfume for men

  • Size: 100 ml.
  • Type: Men's perfume.
  • Focus: Eau de Toilette.
  • Aromatic line: Woody Aromatic.

Components of Dupont Essence Pure Perfume for Men Eau de Toilette 100ml

  • Top notes: star anise.
  • The heart of the perfume contains amber.
  • The fragrance base contains cumin and angelica.

Features of Dupont Essence Pure perfume for men eau de toilette 100ml

  • The strongest men's fragrance that excites the senses and kidnaps hearts.
  • The best use of it is daytime use as it gives you refreshing energy throughout the day.
  • The most beautiful and rich masculine scent.
  • Smells fragrant and lasts all day.
  • The purest perfume for men designed for every distinct oriental man .
  • Available now at a very exclusive price.
  • It comes in an ideal bottle that is the most appropriate choice to present to every loved one.
  • It can also be carried everywhere.
  • A unique fragrance for happy occasions.
  • The finest perfume with a woody scent, natural aromatic notes

Frequently asked questions about Dupont Essence Pure perfume for men 100ml Eau de Toilette

  • Is Debon perfume can be used during working hours?

Indeed, it is a distinctive fragrance that gives you an official impression that lasts and enhances your confidence everywhere as it gives you a high presence that affects everyone around you.

  • 340 SAR 135 SAR

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