Bentley for men Azuri perfume for men 100ml

445 SAR 185 SAR

Aromatic line: Woody Aquatic Azure. From Bentley.

A citrusy woody fragrance for men.

“Bentley” its successful career, which it achieved in its first men’s fragrance with the launch of its new fragrance “Bentley for Men Azure”.

(Bentley for Men Azure). The new luxurious formula derives its radiance from classic scents extracted

From the family of ferns (fougère) with its main aromatic notes of fresh green citruses

Based on the basis of a group of woody fragrances.This strong aromatic fragrance with a distinctive composition has its aroma

Refreshing so it attracts athletes and people who are fond of style and fashion. And she installed this luxurious perfume

One of the best perfumers in the world is Matilda Bejawi who has worked for 10 years

The prestigious French perfume house has 'Mane'. With the Bentley for Men Azure, Matilda created a new and modern fragrance.

Full of classic scents within the fern fragrance family that is refreshing and gives the modern man the required vitality.

  • 445 SAR 185 SAR

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