Bakj Hadia remember the first meeting?

166 SAR

the ingredients:

  • Basket with artificial flowers "The shape of the stand may be changed according to availability."
  • Medium teddy bear.
  • Hot and cold cup.
  • A permanent rose bouquet.
  • Gift card.

Rose color as in the picture or write to us in the notes the desired rose color; It will be implemented according to your request.

  • 166 SAR
Toqa Alsalem 10 months ago قام بالشراء وتم تقييمه
جداً جميل الدبدوب حجمه مثالي مع الهدية وأيضاً اكتشفت انه يوجد سجادة جميلة ومتناسقة مع الهدية

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