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acrylic pony box

460 SAR

The best black acrylic dowry box for those who are about to get married. You can order the box to present the dowry with it and with several wonderful contents that your bride will definitely like. Get it now at a special and suitable price.

Black Acrylic Pony Box Specifications:-

  • Product type: dowry box.
  • Product material: acrylic
  • black color
  • Target group: men.

Features and uses of black acrylic dowry box:

  • The pony box is made of the best and finest types of acrylic materials that give it great durability.
  • It comes in a distinctive black color that indicates luxury
  • It has a wonderful and very cute design.
  • Comes with a special box to put the amount of money inside it of acrylic.
  • Contains a distinctive group of artificial roses bearing cheerful colors.
  • The incense has a very wonderful unobtrusive smell.
  • It includes a special box for incense made of distinctive glass that does not break easily
  • With a distinctive oud smell very attractive.
  • A special box of the best types of crystal dedicated to the oud.
  • It has a small Mushaf of the Noble Qur’an with a very wonderful design and colors.
  • You can ask to write the names you want.
  • From anywhere in the Kingdom, you can order the wonderful black pony box and get it as soon as possible in addition to a very special and irresistible price.

common questions :-

  • Is the box sturdy and strong? "Yes, it is strong because it is made of high quality and distinctive"
  • 460 SAR

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