natural rose bouquet

250 SAR

The most beautiful natural flower bouquet that you can now get at an impressive and very attractive price

Specifications of the most beautiful natural rose bouquet:

  • Product type: flower bouquet.
  • Rose quality: natural.
  • Color: Rose and pink.
  • Target group: Everyone.

Features and uses of the most beautiful natural rose bouquet:

  • The most beautiful natural rose bouquet is characterized by the fact that it contains a group of natural roses that everyone loves
  • It suits all tastes of all ages, in the youth, young and old category
  • Roses carry a beautiful scent, which is the scent that characterizes natural roses
  • Roses come in two colors, rose and pink, which are the best colors of roses, especially for girls
  • Its colors are cheerful and decent with bouquet wrapping
  • Suitable for weddings and similar occasions
  • Suitable for celebrating an important news or a happy occasion for your friend
  • Bouquet wrapping in black gives it a special luster and a distinctive shine
  • Available at a special price and everyone can get it now
  • Order a flower bouquet now from anywhere and get it in no time

common questions :-

  • Are rose colors unique to everyone? "Yes, and it's fun too."
  • Is bouquet suitable for parties only? "Bouquet is suitable for all important, formal and special occasions."
  • 250 SAR

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