Roberto Cavalli Florence 75ml

430 SAR 230 SAR


Roberto Cavalli Florence perfume, which gives you distinction and attractiveness, is now available at a very attractive price. The Eau de Parfum concentration adds to women the best scent they like to have.

Specifications of Roberto Cavalli Florence perfume for women:

  • Size: 75 ml.
  • Type: Women's perfume.
  • Focus: Eau de Parfum.
  • Target group: women.
  • Suitable season: All seasons.
  • The right time: all times.

Roberto Cavalli Florence perfume for women ingredients:

  • The top notes of the fragrance contain: mandarin and black currant.
  • The heart of the fragrance contains: hibiscus flowers, orange blossoms and grapefruit flowers.
  • The fragrance base contains: amber, musk and patchouli.

Features of Roberto Cavalli Florence Women's Perfume:-

  • Roberto Cavalli Florence perfume is characterized by a bottle that has a different eye-catching design and bears wonderful colors.
  • The perfume bottle is also characterized by great strength, as it is well-made according to the best international specifications.
  • The fragrance is characterized by a different composition that adds to the scent a special attraction that makes you different and distinct.
  • The fragrance is characterized by a special freshness of its kind that makes you feel comfortable the moment you use it from the first time.
  • The fragrance is characterized by a high degree of stability that keeps you from frequent use throughout the day.
  • One of the features of the fragrance is that it suits both winter and summer, and you can use it during the day at work and at night during an important occasion.

common questions :-

  • Is the packaging for the perfume strong enough? "Yes, very strong."
  • 430 SAR 230 SAR

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