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Design Acrylic Mesh Stand

430 SAR

You can now buy the best black acrylic design grid stand equipped with a lot of distinctive artificial roses and it has many additions and features that help you present the grid to the bride in a distinctive and unforgettable way

Black Mesh Stand Specifications:-

  • Product type: mesh stand
  • black color
  • Target group: everyone

Features and uses of a black grid stand with a base and writing names:

  • The black net stand is characterized by containing a group of the best supplements that give you a special experience in presenting the net to the bride
  • All existing contents have an attractive design and very beautiful colors
  • It has a large and suitable size that bears providing all the contents of the bride's network
  • It has an eye-catching black colour
  • It contains a large number of the best types of artificial roses with high efficiency
  • The available roses carry several different and bright colors that give the stand a very distinctive look
  • And you can change the colors of the roses according to your request
  • The stand contains a mannequin in the shape of a face covered by a group of distinctive artificial roses
  • It also contains a mannequin in the form of a hand in black
  • And 2 holders for watches and a ring
  • And a high quality Turkish holder
  • SF Store provides you with a black network stand delivery service in a very fast time and to any place
  • It is also available at a special price, suitable for everyone

common questions :-

  • Does the stand have high durability? “Yes, because it is manufactured with the best raw materials.”
  • Are the roses for the stand only available in the same colors? You can request any other colors.

  • 430 SAR

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