Privacy policy

Here at we help you to deal with the utmost honesty and privacy, as once you click on the order confirmation, the site starts requesting some important information that must be available for how to communicate between the customer and the store owners.

Therefore, all the required information, you only have complete reassurance as no one can see it except the store authority.

But to answer the question on everyone's mind, which is why this information is collected, which is as follows:

  • This information is collected in order to communicate between the customer and the representative upon delivery.
  • It was also used in the event of launching new advertising campaigns.
  • Plus it is needed to monitor new visitors.
  • In addition, it is used to provide offers and discounts on everything that is offered.
  • Moreover, all information is of special importance when determining payment methods and testing the electronic option, as it is shared with a third party, which is the bank responsible for issuing that credit card.
  • We repeat that all your information is safe and cannot be disclosed to anyone else, and keeping it is nothing but following up with the customer or presenting everything new to him.